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The Player

96. The Player

Dir Robert Altman
Featured Cast: Tim Robbins, Greta Scacci, Peter Gallaghar, Fred Ward, Whoopie Goldberg,and a couple dozen cameos from the Hollywood big hitters.
If you devoted a movie to explaining what makes a good movie and then demonstrating what that good movie might look like, you get the "Player". You also get a good look as Altman sort of teases the Hollywood establishment throughout. He demonstrates how silly movie pitches can be like (Its like the Gods must be crazy meets so and so). There is also a running joke about everybody wanting to cast Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts in every movie pitch. (Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts must have a good sense of humor because they appear in the movie after they have been roasted repeatedly.)

The movie follows the life of a big shot Hollywood producer as he moves through his day-to-day routine. There are numerous cameo's in the movie. (Altman called in a lot of favors). In many cases Altman gave the actors an opportunity to say what they would like to have said to some of their producers. See the scene where Malcom McDowell says exactly what he wants to Griffin (Tim Robbins character). There is a plot that involves a murder and its coverup, but it was fun to see the stars coming out of the woodwork. This is the first Altman film I have included, I will review two others by him. The film is not for everybody (thus the 4 rating), but for those who enjoy Comedy/Drama there is a lot to like about this one. Recommended for those who would like a good laugh at the Hollywood while enjoying a good drama as well.