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I had no idea what this movie was about, all I know of it was Cher on an Oscar and the "famous" scene where she slaps Nic Cage across the face to "get out of it". So I went in completely blind, figured it was a romantic comedy of sorts.

Then we get a film about infidelity. I didn't know if I was supposed to be rooting for these two people to get together in the end or not. I certainly didn't believe the love aspect of their relationship, but Cher was 100 percent committed to the role and turned in a really great performance. She's the type of woman who stands up for herself, tells it like it is...which is why I was so surprised to see her fall victim to a demanding Cage. I want you in my bed, boom she goes for it?

Olympia Dukakis also turned in a great performance and you get the sense of why Cher's character is so strong willed. These woman tell it like it is....then allow their "lovers" to walk all over them? it's definitely a mixed message for these characters. Overall, I liked the characters and the performances.

The film was short on laughs, but it picked up for me after the Opera house. Really enjoyed the final scene at the breakfast table, sheer awkwardness and anticipation. Well done. I also enjoyed the scenes with Fraiser's dad and Dukakis, they had a great energy to them. Not a bad nomination, but not really memorable.