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The movie is about the downfall of Roger Ailes ( John Lithgow ) , the powerful head of Fox news . This occurs due to sexual harassment charges brought about by Gretchen Carlson ( Nicole Kidman ) , a former employee fired from Fox news . She has foreseen her removal from her job and has already met with lawyers who ask her to collect testimony from other women for indicting Ailes .

At first Gretchen is not able to find other women to give evidence against Ailes , but another employee of Fox named Megyn Kelly ( Charlize Theron ) who herself has been a victim of sexual harassment by Ailes does manage to get other women to admit that they were sexually harassed by Ailes . Chief among them is Kyla Pospisil ( Margot Robbie ) , who has been asked to pull up her skirt up to her undergarments by Ailes ( who breathes heavily upon seeing her exposed in such a manner ) who warns her that he will be unforgiving if she told this to anyone else .

As evidence mounts against Ailes , he at first predictably denies the accusations and is supported by his wife . But when confronted by Carlson's recorded conversations with him he is forced by Fox owner Rupert Murdoch to resign . His very entry into Fox news building is banned and clearly it is a very unceremonious exit for him .

The movie rests on authentic portrayals of the harassed women by the three lead actresses and the female star cast gives a very good performance . John Lithgow is stellar in his performance . He has both good and bad sides , taking advantage of vulnerable young women fearing for the security of their jobs and promotions in their career to sexually harass them . But also he helps those who are loyal to him by even paying their hospital bills and standing with them in difficult times .

There have been many sexual harassment allegations , but why does the movie focus only on Fox news ? Is it because Fox news is the vanguard of the conservatives and right wing supporters who are political rivals of the liberal establishment ? As a right wing person myself , the laudable goal of the film is tarnished by this suspicion .

Photography and colours of the film are good . The ladies all look elegant , and background music of the film is effective . Dialogues go a long way in making the film effective and have been written well bringing tension in several situations in the film .

Verdict---Good .