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The Tree of Life

Tree of Life

If I were to make a time capsule and put 5 films in; Tree of Life would make that list. Not because I like the film, or because I think it's some kind of brilliant achievement. I'd put it there because it captures something very few films do. It captures a time in human history that can't be experienced anymore. Say what you will about the beginning and ending of this movie, but the slices of life moments in-between are some stunning filmmaking.

What this movie means to me and what it means to you can be two completely different things, it most definitely means something else entirely to Malick and I'd go on record saying this is his best film. He might have let those types of accolades get to his head because his camera work has been trying to recapture that lightning in a bottle moment he had on Tree of Life. His floating "spying" on life essence here doesn't translate well to his other works. The exception might be The Thin Red Line.

Tree of Life is an astounding film, but one that lacks so many things as well. It's hard to put this film is a box...unless that box is a time capsule of course.