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A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark (Blake Edwards, 1964)

"I love this Comedy HoF! There's so many fun films to watch that each movie night I actually look forward to seeing the next nomination." CR
Another fun flick with laughs a plenty, a tally of talent and a bodacious babe...what more could you asked for? Well, maybe just a bit more of Miss Sommer's, say like in the nudist scene

Inspector Cousteau is dumb as door knob and I thought I might not like the movie. But what works for me is that Peter Seller's plays it like he's the world's greatest detective! He's self assured and even a bit cocky. When he falls into the water or pokes his hand through the door glass, he doesn't act like a dummy, he plays it cool, way cool.

I loved the scene where he walks into the wall and tells George Sanders it's the architectures fault for placing the door in the wrong place, ha! That confidence, despite his ineptness, makes him funny. I'm so glad he didn't play Inspector Cousteau like Jerry Lewis would of I can't stand watching those old Jerry Lewis movies.

So to sum up: fun movie, I did laugh...Elke's pretty and Peter Sellers is a huge talent.