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Toy Story (1995)
Director: John Lasseter
Voice Actors: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Studio: Pixar

"I dug it! and I'll watch it again" Citizen Rules

I admit it, I use to torture my toys I had this old Superman action figure and tied him to a brick with a long chain around it and threw him into this rather nasty looking drainage stream. I'm pretty sure it had sewage run-off in it, gross! I tied one end of the chain to a wooden plank that spanned the ditch. So a few months later I came back and pulled up the chain.... and Superman was gone! It was kind of amazing...maybe he escaped like in Toy Story or maybe the chain slipped off the brick and he's still down there at the bottom of the stream?

World Building: 5/5 I was totally into the personalities and lives of the toys, who knew toys were so ingenious?

4/5 No problems here.

Character Development: 4/5
So far this has been my favorite character driven Pixar. Both Woody and Buzz are powered by not only batteries but by two great voice actors: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. They made Woody and Buzz come to life. Come to think of it, all of the voice actors were great in this. Don Rickles as Mr Potatoes head and R. Lee Emery as a solider, go figure! And the dinosaur was voiced by one of my favorite Star Trek Deep Space Nine characters, The Grand Nagus, aka Wallace Shawn.

Story Premise: 5/5
Love it, I remember Disney did an old cartoon short about toys coming to life. It must have been from the 30s, maybe 40s, I always enjoyed it and that's partially why I enjoyed Toy Story so much...it's like a hidden world onto itself.

Originality: 5/5 Like all the Pixars there's oodles of fun little references that if you blink you'll miss them, and that's what makes these movies fun

Other Thoughts:
This is where I've been putting the negative thoughts at, but..I don't have any for Toy Story!

Favorite Moments: The beginning scene in Andy's room with the toys having a meeting about the Birthday party. Also the scene in the next door neighbor's room with all the misfit toys. Oh, and the Pizza Planet, yeah! I have to go there...and Disney is opening up a Pizza Planet...cool chilis