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Stand by Me (1986)
Director: Rob Reiner
Writers: Stephen King (novel), Raynold Gideon (screenplay)
Cast: Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland
Genre: Adventure Drama

"After the death of one of his friends, a writer recounts a boyhood journey with his friends to find the body of a missing boy."

I've seen Stand By Me before and always have liked it. The last time I seen it I was on a ship at sea in a heavy storm, the sea was pitching and so was the ship...and so was I! Still in between puking I have to say I liked the movie! This last time was a much more pleasant watch and I enjoyed this nostalgic look at the past.

First thing I noticed was just how nicely shot Stand By Me was, and that really added to the film's appeal. I enjoyed seeing the country side and the small town. I've been to one of the areas where they filmed, Cottage Grove Oregon...and having a connection to a locale in the film always helps me feel more connected to it.

All the kid actors were excellent in this. Really they did an amazing job at acting. I wish there had been more character arcs for the four leads and less time spent with the bigger teen bullies (Kieffer Sutherland and his gang). The teen bullies added nothing to the film IMO and took away from the more important coming of age story of the younger kids. The film was already short at 90 minutes so I don't think the teen bullies were needed subplot was needed at all. When the older bullies were in the film it felt more like a Hollywood entertainment film and I thought they were silly too.

But I did like the story of the boys going on a distant journey through the deep woods and finally traveling down the railroad tracks, that was symbolic for them growing up. Good movie.