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Murder Mystery

An exhale through your nose type laughter in a harmless comedy from Sandler and Aniston.

Sandler's Netflix movies haven't been that great. In fact I only kind of tolerated one of them, The Do-Over and that was because it had an actual plot. With Murder Mystery, Sandler teams up with his friend Aniston and they actually have a story to tell. Take your typical murder mystery set-up and throw in the standard Sandler style comedy (as of late, not his earlier stuff) and you get this. Not great, not bad, just kind of existing.

Sandler and Aniston have great chemistry, this was evident in their earlier film Just Go With It. That's the one benefit this film has going for it, the chemistry elevates the lacklustre comedy. There are no real laugh out loud moments or memorable comedy bits in this entire movie, instead you might smile and chuckle from time to time. Completely harmless, but nothing to laugh home about. Sandler continues to make films in exotic locations for the hell of it, good for him. He also continues to act like himself in his movies and throw sarcastic jabs at people. This is his thing now, so accept it I guess.

I expected the mystery element to add up differently and the lead you to believe that way for a lot of the film. So subverting expectations a little bit with the outcome, but at the same time it doesn't surprise you with the reveal. It's all there on the screen and a lot of it seems obvious. The murder mystery element leaves the one location set-up and our protagonists are 'on the run' trying to solver the murder and clear their names.

The supporting cast doesn't do much to assist with the comedy. Everyone except one person plays it straight. That one character that leans heavily into comedy feels like they belong in earlier Sandler films, so it's a bit jarring. You don't really end up caring for the murder mystery part by the end of it, but the journey there was tolerable and compared to every other Sandler/Netflix entry, this might be the best one.