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John Wick: Chapter 3

John Wick 3: Parabellum

This is the first John Wick I was able to see in theatres and it was a great experience. The audience collectively would gasp and cheer at some of the intense fight sequences. Most notably the knife fight towards the beginning. This sequence was an expertly crafted scene in which characters are smashing glass cabinets to retrieve weapons and desperately throw them at each other. It was a more unique aspect to an action sequence than your typical point and shoot, which is becoming more or less tedious as the series goes on.

I made the mistake of watching John Wick right before I saw John Wick 2, I think that hurt my appreciation of the sequel a little. It felt a tad redundant and I preferred the original whereas everyone else I talk to loves the sequel. So I made a conscious effort to not watch either films before seeing this one. Even so, at the point Halle Berry shows up, the sequences were becoming a tad bland. Sure, they still look cool and there were some new elements involving dogs, but more or less I was watching a video game. Halle Berry's character feels forced into this series, maybe as a backdoor spin-off attempt for the female aspect. Not sure, but that's how it felt because she shows up and disappears just as quickly.

We are shown more of this unique world these characters inhabit and as the layers are peeled away, the more we understand. I don't know how much money these people have, but it seems to be endless. We get a sequence where John meets someone important in the middle of the desert. A Saudi prince type character, covered in gold and asking for John's "devotion". What happens next was somewhat shocking, but ultimately pointless. John decision doesn't affect how he operates later on, when one would think it might. It's almost as if nothing happened at all, which is a little disappointing. It would be interesting to see John be forced to change up how he does things because of a disadvantage.

I might be nitpicking and this review may seem more negative than the rating suggests. The movie was great. It's everything fans want from this series. It does feel a little bit video game like, as John goes through one bad guy to the next in order to get to the final "boss", but everything this film does, it does it very well. I've always been a fan of Reeves and it's nice to see him have a bit of a resurgence right now. John Wick might be his most famous character too, that's saying a lot from the guy who played Neo and Ted.