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Furious 7

We in the billion dollar club now, baby.

The franchise gets bigger and bigger with more death defying stunts. How do you top the bridge sequence? Let's throw some cars out of planes and have them magically land EXACTLY where they needed to go. These guys can do it, they're superheroes now. I threw logic out the window in Fast Five and had a great time, it continued on through 6 and now onto 7, which is one of the better films in the series.

James Wan hops on board, replacing longtime furious director Justin Lin. It's a nice change of pace as I like Wan's style. I think sticking with one director for almost an entire series becomes a little stale *cough* David Yates *cough* so 7 and 8 change it up a bit. Wan knows what he's dealing with and he seems to embrace it. Having expensive cars drive through the windows of one building, fly through the air and land into another one is "high-octane thrills", you can throw that quote on the poster!!!!

Jason Statham enters the series here with his personal motives that seems separate from the main action. He brings his usual Jason Statham charm...which is the same in every damn movie. He'll finally lampoon this persona in Spy.

Tony Ja has a small role here and he goes toe to toe with...Paul Walker? I forgot that as these movies progressed these characters became more and more lethal in their fighting styles. The guy who barely got through a scuffle with Tyrese in 2 Fast is taking on Tony Freaking Ja....okay.

Of course, the death of Paul Walker adds some emotional heft to the film. They had to rework the ending to "retire" his character and they did it tastefully. Some of the CGI effects they used to have him appear in scenes are really spectacular and one wouldn't notice unless it was pointed out to them. The ending shot is rather obvious though, but kudos to the team for dealing with such scenes respectfully.

Furious 7 adds more over the top thrills one can expect from this series and carries some surprisingly emotional weight. Those two elements make this entry one of the best.