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Michael Lehmann

Satirical crime drama that's easy to understand the appeal of, especially to an American audience of a certain generation, and for the most part is a reasonably enjoyable romp even if it did take a little while for me to warm to and it decides to bail out by somewhat predictably and disappointingly developing a moral compass in the closing stages.

Although the characters are generally drawn with fairly broad strokes it is a satire, which means such characterisations are not only acceptable but even to an extent expected, and the acting by the principles is decent enough. Christian Slater does channel a little too much Jack Nicholson for my liking though, I'd have preferred if his character had a little more uniqueness to it.

Most of the humour works fairly well, the one notable exception for me being the double 'suicide' where both the chase sequence and the dialogue/actions of the cops are substandard fare by comparison. What hurts the movie most for me though is the final act, which opts to both dial down the absurdist nature of the satirical and also incorporate a small dose of completely unnecessary (and unwanted) social commentary / meaning into proceedings.

Heathers is quite a fun watch that has stood the test of time reasonably well (if anything it's even more topical now with the penchant for taking one's own inadequacies out on school children) but it does fall short in the final furlong for me and as such I'll award it a