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A Quiet Place

Anytime a genre picture relies on an interesting 'gimmick', people will jump in line to tear it apart when small things don't seem to line up 100% with what the film is presenting. A Quiet Place takes the ambitious task of creating a world where monsters kill you if you make a sound. So it makes sense that people are going to be waiting patiently for a sequence where someone makes a sound and then when they are not killed, we get to rant and rave about plot holes. On top of that, the "what would you do" scenario is escalated. Why wouldn't they do this? Why wouldn't they do that? If the characters don't do what you suggest, they are automatically dumb. I think it's incredibly hard to craft a film around such a premise and I applaud the film for giving it the old college try.

The world is decimated by an invasion of aliens/monsters that hunt by sound. a little over a year after the invasion, a small family tries their best at moving on after a devastating loss.

One of the aspects of the film that I think people are forgetting is that we only see this world through two perspectives. One is that of this family, who have taken painstaking steps to ensure they live in a place where sound is non-existent. The second is in the newspaper clippings we see where they gives us a peak into the backstory of this invasion. IT'S SOUND one headline reads, "How to Survive" is another. Smart move from the filmmakers to give us a glimpse into the bigger picture without exposition (there is non in this film, bravo).

People will automatically assume that the military is dumb for not finding out the weakness of these monsters. Maybe they did but it was too late? Maybe the pure shock of seeing these aliens/monsters was enough to make us lose the fight, maybe America's attitude of we have guns and we will win no matter what was the downfall. People are complaining about the shotgun killing the one alien. We need to pay attention, these creature are almost indestructible. He has armor written on the whiteboard, so the act of the sound and the weapon working in tandem makes sense to me, simple enough. In the chaos of an alien invasion, I think we shoot first and ask questions later. The questions that are asked...are asked too late.

Yes....yes, this film has a lot of issues with logic. Why would a family let their youngest child be at the end of the line, unsupervised, when monsters are around? Why not live near the waterfall to cover your sound? Why leave the God-Damn nail in the step when everyone walks around without shoes? Why not make more than one sound proof room? The biggest one of course is why jeopardize your entire family's lives with getting pregnant? It's never explained why they decided to have another child, was it on purpose or an accident? It's irresponsible. These are flaws in logic from the characters, but it makes for some great tension filled sequences. So I guess I'm one of those people I talk about in the opening paragraph.

A film about not making any sounds, has to pay extra attention to the sound design. Krasinski does a marvelous job here with very little dialogue, communication through sign language and the use of sound being only used in key moments. I read that they did some rough cuts of the film completely silent. For people able to tell a story without the aid of sound is hard, the classic show don't tell is on fire with A Quiet Place.