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Better Watch Out

October 13th

Better Watch Out

Holiday Horror

After watching this film, I decided to watch the trailer thinking there is no way they'll be able to cut together a trailer without giving away half this movie. Guess what, they give away half the film. Or at the very least confuse the heck out of you as to what you're watching. So my suggestion is to avoid the trailer at all costs.

Better Watch Out surprised the hell out of me. The film subverts what one would expect from a home invasion thriller to the point where I was wondering what the heck is going to happen next. I had no idea and the filmmakers do a pretty damn good job of keeping you going at their pace for the duration of the film. I was expecting one thing, given another. Better Watch Out is a holiday horror film that deserves your attention.

Ashley is called to babysit long time friend Luke. She's known him since he was eight years old. This is her last night doing the job though as her family is moving away. He takes it as his last chance to finally profess his love to her, but things don't go as planned when people want to get inside the house. Now Ashley must do her babysitting duties and protect the kid from these intruders.

I'm a fan of Holiday Horrors. Krampus was a mediocre film that had great aesthetic appeal. The blending of something family, friendly and fun with blood, terror and screams is a blanking act. Better Watch Out balances this extremely well and manages to surprise you along the way. You'll be thinking why don't they do this or that, then the characters do it moments later. A well thought out script isn't afraid to up the ante and have fun.

Better Watch Out is Funny Games....but there are actual fun games to be had here. Strong performances and edge of your seat tension make for a memorable watch, one I hope to revisit the Holiday seasons.