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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) https://letterboxd.com/smudgeefc1985...natchers-1978/

Horror-tober 5/31

This one has somehow always escaped me. I'm not a huge fan of remakes, especially horror ones, and having seen the 1950s classic, the not so classic 2007 remake, and homage laden The Faculty, I guess I figured my life didn't need another Body Snatchers incarnation. Boy was I wrong.

The atmosphere from the first minute is tense and palpable and that never let's up. There is no real mystery of where the threat has come from, that is made quite clear very early on. It instead focuses on the loss of humanity. Taking the setting from a small town to a huge city works wonders, as it takes on such a massive horrifying scale, of just how quickly these things take over.

We're rooting for our crew of protagonists to escape, but there is a growing hopelessness, as it becomes clearer and clearer how huge this threat is, and as with any good Body Snatchers incarnation, asks is it really worth the hassle of running? Is the alternative really that bad? All of this is pulled together by a terrific cast. Damn the 70s were awesome for film weren't they?

One of the scariest concepts there is, finding yourself unable to trust those closest to you, this film executes that fear to perfection. But for a slight lull in the middle, this is otherwise all round excellent psychological horror.