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Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc (2001) https://letterboxd.com/smudgeefc1985/film/monsters-inc/

The Big Pixar Rewatch 4/19

It's a long time since I've actually sat and watched this all the way through. It has held up though! One of my all time favourite animated films, and probably my favourite Pixar. It has just got everything right by this point. The skill in the animation is a massive step up (all of Sulley's individual animated bits of fur, especially the bit in the blizzard!), and the everything else is near perfection. It is probably Pixar's funniest, but also most heartfelt too, along with some really nasty villains, top quality voice work from the cast, and a fun believable world of Monstropolis. And Boo. I love Boo.

Best Song:
Not really applicable when there's only one and it's in the credits!

Best Scene:
The scene when Sulley first mistakenly brings Boo through the door is just so funny. From that shot of her playing with his tail when we first see her, to her chasing this big hairy monster around, it's completley absurd, but so good!

As An Adult:
I had never noticed before now that Boo has all the Pixar toys in her room! Not just the Pixar ball, but also Jessie and Nemo dolls!

Did I Cry?
Always always ALWAYS when Boo goes home. Damn Im crying again just thinking about it now!