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Wolverine aka Logan at the end of his life learns what It means to be human by developing a bond with a younger mutant.

Very few directors get to make movies at mid budget level on original concepts and only 2 directors can make a movie at big budget level without movie stars attached and they are Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg. You bring in money , you make your next project a little higher profile building of that success. Right project with right cast and right director is box office gold for relatively most part. James mangold is a journey man director but a much better director than Ron Howard. He made a paycheck movie aka knight and day. He realised that he needs box office success to make movies he is interested in. So gave wolverine two shots and the second shot worked or according to many it worked.Now he is off to doing ford v Ferrari movie which is a non IP movie.

People said that Patrick Stewart and the young actress deserved awards consideration and Hugh Jackman as well. But I don't think so. There is a strange occurrence that takes place when a well known and beloved character is portrayed with vulnerability. People bring all the baggage from previous appearances and that heightens their reaction to the current performance.So its an unfair comparison to compare a series of movies and legacy and the current performance with a performance from a single movie by other actors.The story is very generic to be honest. It follows "wannabe serious superhero movie" formula beat by beat with pit-stops and the only daring aspect of the movie is its tone and lack of action for the most part. These kind of movies can't be exciting without a constant through line through out the movie. If there isn't a ticking clock through the movie audience are not gonna sit and watch a drama with a superhero at the center of it. So it follows cat and mouse chase as the narrative tool.

I hope that this movie is not any indication of how ford v Ferrari by James mangold is going to turn out.That movies needs a cerebral Dunkirk kind of feel...not much plot or sitting in board rooms with old men smoking and thinking about how to beat ferrari. This movie had lot of scenes where the bond between the leads need to strengthen but the narrative flow kinda felt weak for that to happen.Nothing mind blowing here.There were some characters introduced as part of twist but that took me more out of the "hyper realistic" vibe the director was going for. Given the budget of the movie , I don't think studio took a gamble with this movie because a wolverine movie is gonna make at least 300 million at minimum.

I think this movie received critical acclaim because of the nature of story telling and the box office results that produced. There is barely any superhero element to it. But its not a transcendental movie like the dark knight. Nonetheless its far better than more than half of the marvel movies which only do lip service to bigger themes but end up being about punching,running and quips.I do think its little overrated.