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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
Danny Steinmann

AKA "Where the **** is Jason?"

It's years after Tommy Jarvis killed Jason, and he never quite got over it. Now, the residents of his new group home are being offed at an alarming rate. Is Jason really dead or has Tommy picked up the hockey mask and machete?

I'm not really sure what I can say about this one. It's more of a "what the **** did I just watch" kind of thing. This movie tends to be the one to break any Friday the 13th marathons I'm doing. I always need a bit of time to get over Part V.

What a mess.

This time around though, something struck me. It might be because you guys are throwing giallos in with slashers on the same lists, or might be I was just high off the Ulver concert I had just attended, but it hit me that...oh my god...are they trying for an American giallo here? And as soon as the thought entered my head (pretty early on), all the elements started fitting in, minus the certain stylistic choices that signal giallo like an air siren. Next time you watch it, think about it with giallo rules (but low-key) and you may laugh a bit at first, but it fits. Weirdly.

Doesn't make it good.

The body count is decent, but the kills themselves are boring. Even if you go with my American low-key giallo theory the kills would have had to be bloodier and more elaborate.

Damn those enchiladas!