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A Quiet Place (2018)

Plot:: A family live in a post-apocalyptic world, where making the slightest noise could result in death.

I'm a very easy to please guy. I like nearly every movie I see. It's very rare for me to find a movie 'highly overrated', but unfortunately this critically-acclaimed movie is one of those rare cases. Some parts of this film are great, others not so.

-The sound in this film is worse than Dunkirk. For a film about being quiet, it is way too loud. Whenever a sound that is considered threatening plays, it is f*cking deafening. The sounds appear to have been turned up to the max in post, which is a terrible idea. This is a film about being quiet, having noises at normal volume would work as the lack of sound would amplify the one sound. If you have sensitive ears, be very careful going to see this film.

-Since thereís almost no dialogue, the music is very obvious. It seems very forced and obnoxious at times, especially at the beginning of the film.

-The colour tint of the film is kinda gross. It has this ugly, greenish look. It is the kind of tint that you would see when you scroll through posters of s*it, poorly rated horror films from the 21st century. You can see this thing on the poster where Emily Blunt is sitting in the bath. If I was scrolling through a list of horror films and saw this poster without seeing the film, Iíd assume it was just one of íthoseí types of horror films Not a good idea marketing team. Here is an examples of films to get my point across.

The other poster though where she has her hand over her mouth is brilliant, simple, disturbing, makes you want to know more about the film

-The ending is very anticlimactic.
WARNING: spoilers below
Sure it is heavily implied that they kill the monsters and return to a happy life, but not seeing that just makes the film feel unsatisfying. Maybe have an extra 2 minute scene where they are doing a bunch of noisy stuff while being really happy?

-Then there are a couple of weird (I'm possibly nitpicking in this part, sorry) stuff that takes you out of the world of the film:
WARNING: spoilers below
-Why are they having a baby in a world where you cannot make noise? What happens before the title might be a good indication, but that doesnít justify it. The only reason I could think of is repopulation, but in order for that to happen incest would have to be involved, and thatís a nope.
-There is this random character who appears for 5 seconds and is then killed. By the main characters' reaction to the man it appears theyíve never seen him before, which makes no sense since this apocalypse has been in effect for 400 days.
-When the dad sacrifices himself, he doesnít even consider fighting the monster when the axe is right beside him. The emotion is handled well in this scene, but most certainly not the logic.

Despite what I've said, I actually liked a whole lot about this film.

-The opening of the film before the title is brilliant. It could totally stand on its own as a short film. It has a great sense of intrigue and terror. Some of the tension in the overall film is really good. In these scenes the music is used very appropriately. Itís loud but not stupidly loud, loud enough to make you feel on edge.

-That boy playing the son is a fantastic actor, I loved seeing him react to each situation. I loved the scenes of the dad and the son interacting near the river and waterfalls. It feels very heartwarming and realistic.

-I loved how the film didnít have any force exposition, itís only from old newspapers in the background we get a mild idea of what happened. Itís cool that they got an actual deaf actress to play the deaf girl, her performance is pretty meh but you can she is trying her best. Usually in films when they have family photos for emotional scenes, the photos look fake. In this film however the photos look like actual family photos (The picture of the kid on the beach with the colours messed up for example). The creature design is actually really cool. I liked the look of that gross orifice they use to hear noises. Some of the CGI of them when they interact with objects is a little weird though.

It's pretty disappointing this film wasn't all as it was cracked up to be, considering the director seems very passionate about the project, and he watched some brilliant horror movies in preparation for this.

Should you see this film? Sure. You'll probably love it. My review is just to warn you that you may be disappointed...

The director is super handsome so I don't want you to disappoint him.