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The Wolfman

The Wolfman (Joe Johnston, 2010)
(Director's Cut - 119 minutes)

I watched the director's cut of The Wolfman, and I don't understand why the movie was a bomb at the box office. I know it was 16 minutes shorter in the theatre and this could have weakened its impact somewhat, but I found the flick to be at least as good as the recent Sherlock Holmes which earned over $200 million domestically. It's true that many people believe they know everything there is to know about The Wolfman because the Lon Chaney, Jr. flick was so short and direct, but this film, at least in its longer version, has several added plot twists which the original never considered, and besides that, the original isn't really that good of a film(!) Although this Wolfman has the brooding Lawrence Talbot as a Shakespearean actor, it's surprising how well Benicio Del Toro fits the role of an Englishman, and there is a palpable heat which slowly develops between him and the fiancee (Emily Blunt) of his dead brother. Anthony Hopkins has plenty to contribute as Lawrence's nobleman father, and there are all those twists and turns which are new here. I especially enjoyed the cameo on the train with Max von Sydow and the wolf's head cane, as well as that idiot psycho doctor who gets exactly what he deserves. Extra credit for all the extreme violence and gore on hand in the Director's Cut.