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Logan's Run

Logan's Run (Michael Anderson, 1976)

Logan's Run is one of those mindless sci-fi entertainments which were churned out in the '70s about ten times a year, although this is better than many. Most of them had a Pro-Life stance although I'm talking more about Pro-Earth than anti-abortion. Oops, now it doesn't seem so mindless anymore, does it? This film doesn't really address terminating life before it can be born, but it does address terminating life in the future at the age of 30, in a sci-fi context, and it's all surprisingly-entertaining in a minor kind of way. I don't know. Roe v. Wade was three years before this, so it may have influenced the film and might make it more meaningful. As it is, it's slightly-exciting, has attractive women and has a fun turn by Peter Ustinov as a childlike "old man" who interprets the ruins of Washington, D.C. for leads Michael York, Jenny Agutter (and even Richard Jordan) in a way which doesn't exactly jibe with reality. Thinking about this even more, it does seem to have some strong political overtones throughout the entire film. Besides abortion, maybe it even tackles Alzheimer's since sometimes Peter Ustinov seemed to suffer from it, even though I would have never known until it met up with my Mom in the 1980s.