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The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon (2016)
dir: he'll let you know in the credits for sure

I like abstract movies, especially ones that have lots of pretty scenes, sets, props, colors, movements, etc - but for me to like these kinds of movies, something has to accompany it. Humor, drama, some heart, some laughs, some suspense.

The Neon Demon is completely empty. The writing meanders so bad as to have Keanu Reeves play a pointless role as a sleazy hotel "rapist"(?). We never find out, thankfully. All I got were female models being completely shltty to each other. OK, I get it. That's the point. But the "innocent" character is so self centered, she calls up her make-up girl for a place to crash while she's witnessing a rape/murder in the hotel room next door. Doesn't bother to call the police. I guess it wouldn't be stylish or appropriately edgy to actually have a conscience. That'd be logic and clearly this film wants to avoid logic or good will or responsibility. So why should I care about anything then? Tell me why.

So, yeah. Not my kind of movie. Nothing for me. Nothing except lots of pretty colors, schemes, lights and glitter. It's an art student's wet dream, but not much else. Guess I'm not into sick minded movies like this. Guess I'm not cool anymore.

That's OK.

- for the design work throughout.