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The Return of the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)
Director: Dan O' Bannon
Rated: R

This is another movie that time isn't kind to if you were too young, or not yet born when this came out. Watching it today, not living the era, one could easily dismiss it as patchy, stupid and not scary.

I feel lucky that I am not one of those people. Very lucky. I friggin' love this movie! It's got a punk soundtrack and some really 80's fashioned scenes that play for laughs. James Karen and Thom Mathews are hilarious as the bumbling medical supply workers. In particular, James Karen's much over-done coughing and cackling/moaning made me almost wet my pants!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere in this one. Mostly night shot scenes with rain and streetlights, we do get some dusk scenes with a cemetery that are super cool. It's fun to just hang out in this movie, even if the acting and dialog aren't exactly winning any oscars.

There's not much to say about this without splitting its skull open and looking at the brains and guts, and in a film like this, you simply don't do that. It's for fun, cheap scares, and to put you in the mood to party!

I remember actually watching this over my girlfriend's house while we were partying. We both drank margarita's. It was lovely. I was laughing so hard. Then I turned to her and saw she was completely stone faced and irritated. Needless to say - she's ancient history now!

Oh, and there is some great nudity in this. Linnea Quigley was smoking hot and she strips naked and dances, then runs around nude the rest of the picture. This movie is just cool. Anyone walking into this with a serious or overly analytical mind set would be better off just finding something else to do. No one likes a party pooper except other party poopers, and this movie is all about partying!