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Edward Scissorhands

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December 23th

—— 1990 ——

—— fantasy ——

He slices and dices his way through everything on his path...
but he is the nicest and most gentle person around...

Tim Burton brings the purest Christmas spirit back to life, in the most peculiar way, by shaping a chilling horror story into a warm family drama; filled with quirky characters and a crazy sense of quasi-realism throughout. Burton brings out his inner demons and dresses them up as amplified and highly animated personalities, living together in a very small town, who both in look and feel comes off as psychologically twisted but welcoming maniacs. Once again, we are invited inside an insane, nightmarish world like no other before Christmas, which can only come from the razor-sharp mind of someone like Burton.

On one hand – the lesser sharp one – It is a heartfelt traditional Christmas tale, which have then been cut into itsy bitsy pieces and later collected and compiled into one complete work of art, which only makes sense in the maddening mind of the gothic but genius director. The film falters between the weird and the whimsical, while attempting to balance the visually vigorous with the humbly heartfelt. The story takes place in a beautiful, offbeat universe, where the houses, as well as the personalities of those who live there, are as colorful as ever. In contrast, the humor and style is pitch black, but somehow in perfect pitch with what Burton wants to accomplish here. I don’t know how he does it, but somehow he manages to spellbind the audience without spilling unnecessary amounts blood or binding our hands together, forcing us to be there – because no, we are most certainly willingly accomplices to this criminally astounding film – and what a magical film it is.

The whole film happens out of a late-night Christmas tale, centering on the story about how we came to be blessed with the scenic, snowy and wonderful winter weather. The concept is creative, it is heartbreakingly touching and it is harrowingly original, despite paying homage to hundreds of iconic tales before it. Johnny Depp is perfect as the weirdo with the equally weird hairdo, looking a little like Frankenstein’s scarecrow; the rest of the actors and actresses are mostly perfect cast as well, while also being believable enough to help the audience believe the unbelievable that is taking place. To some people, this story might simply be nothing but sleet and slush, but if the Christmas spirit is in town, it is tough not to surrender to the lovely, lighthearted family horror, which plays out in this heavenly tale about the legend, Edward Scissorhands – and told inside a story perfectly sculptured by Edward Scissorhands’ brother… judging by the hair here, I’m sorry, Mr. Burton.