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The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes

(Alexandre Aja)

In this remake, we see the family trip take a horrible turn as a mutated family living in the hills in a remote desert take the tourists hostage. The mutants are bent on revenge and will stop at nothing for blood and carnage.

Alexandre Aja, who brought us a little french film called "High Tension" is at the blood and guts genre again. This time he has more people to slaughter and a great team behind him to bring these horrific mutants to life. What we as an audience get is a sick, twisted, no holds barred horror film that isn't afraid to smack the viewer in the face. With so many horror films playing it "safe" in the recent years, Hills Have Eyes was a nice breath of fresh air in the horrors of the horror genre.

Aja manages to create such a creepy and isolated atmosphere, that if there were no mutants at all I would still get the creeps. The hills play characters themselves, as the home to these creatures, they too are frightening. The mutants kill dogs, people and rape women, they are deplorable.

Aja stages the initial attack well enough to generate some good scares and tension. Upping the drama, violence and blood from the original, I wasn't sure where Aja was going to take us. The film has a turning point when the mutants become the hunted, something for the audience to rally behind. Aja uses blood and gore to his advantage, letting the characters relish in the sweet revenge.

Believable make-up effects, I'd expect nothing less, and warm, yet stark cinematography add to the unique aspect to the film. This is a good remake, one that feels very much like the remake of Dawn of the Dead. It was done with respect and admiration to the original, not something to cash in on a recognizable name. That's how I saw it at least and I welcome people who love the genre to partake in such fun.