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The Young Girls of Rochefort

The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967)

Les demoiselles de Rochefort
(original title)
Director: Jacques Demy
Writer: Jacques Demy
Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Dorléac, George Charkas, Gene Kelly
Genre: Musical
Language: French

: Two musically inclined sisters dream of leaving their small town in Rochefort, France for fame, romance and the big city.

Review: I enjoyed it! Visually sweet with color splashes that coordinate with each scene. My raspberry beret is off to the art director! I just loved the look of this film, even the buildings received a Monet make over.

My favorite movie color was the deep turquoise, it's everywhere. My favorite set, the cafe where mom served French Fries with a cheery dissipation, despite having lost the love of her life because she didn't like his last name....oui, that's fickle

Catherine Deveau....woohoo! hey it rhymes. Does she have screen presences or what! I hardly noticed her twin sister when Catherine was in the scene, sorry but it's true. Though my favorite girl in the film wasn't even young, it was the twin's mom. I can't remember her name, but she was so lively and lit up the screen. I really liked her and cared more for her storyline than anyone else.

And I see Bernado actually survived the knife fight and moved to France, where he lost his artificial tan and learned to be dubbed. The guy get's around I noticed him right away as I had just seen him in West Side Story. He's real good here, and a smooth dancer too. It was neat seeing Gene Kelley but he was a bit underused in this film.

Oh, and I don't know why but the waitress in the cafe was interesting even though we never really get to know her, she seemed to have a story of her own.

Lots of fun lines in the movie, but the funniest part was when the gaiety turns dark with talk of carving up a murdered woman to stuff her in a box! Very cleaver of the director, or is that clever? Just when the audience needs a break from all that squeaky clean fun, the movie introduces a killer at large. I liked that too. I liked everything about the movie.