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Dances with Wolves

Dances with wolves (1990)

I remember as a kid that was a lot of fuss about this film and that it did well.
I also remember that I had watched it because my Dad had it on VHS.
There is a vague memory that I found it boring. I was 11 at the time of it's release and so will have been 12 when I watched it. I was always going to struggle with a 3 hour film at that age and never mind one that is so dialogue heavy.

I was delighted when it was nominated on the HoF tournament, as I hadn't watched it since that first time and was almost certain that I would understand it more this time and almost certainly appreciate it more.

The film stars Kevin Costner (above) playin Lt. John Dunbar who after being named as a hero requests to be posted to the Western frontier. He gets his wish but find the post deserted. He remains faithful to his posting and keeps a journal, which also serves as the narrative to the film.

He comes into contact with various animals and people whilst there, and eventually he finds himself face to face with a tribe of Sioux.

What I liked
I loved so much about this film. The key thing for me is that I found it totally believable from start to finish. I was invested and immersed throughout.
The writing, acting and directing were superb and woven together created a special piece of film. I felt empathy with many of the characters throughout and the film took me on an emotional journey as well as a visual one.
I thought the cinematography to be spellbinding. The way it was shot simply captured the time and place that it was meant to portray. I was utterly convinced that these shots were taken at the Western frontier in the late 1860s.
The costumes seemed authentic and convincing, as did all of the characters.
One of the things that I appreciated most was the subtle, yet powerful story of the film with key messages of humanity throughout.

What I didn't like
I am seriously struggling to find anything that I didn't like about this film.
The one thing that comes to mind is questions about how easy it seemed for 'Stands with fist' to recall vocabulary in order to communicate. It was more of a question than a problem though.
Apart from that nothing comes readily to mind.

I loved this film. It really was a joy to watch. 3 hours long and I was disappointed that it ended. It has immediately gone into my top 20 films.
Such a well made film and it is easy to see why it won so many awards.
The characters, cinematography, costumes, directing, acting etc were, as I have already said, of a really high quality and they all combine to tell a wonderful story of hope, integrity, friendship, greed, prejudice and so much more. This is a film that has, action, romance, tension and drama, as well as offering so much more.
I am so pleased that it was nominated. Great shout @Miss Vicky