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The Thing

The Thing (1982)
Directed By: John Carpenter

The Story
]The story is fantastic. It's gripping, nerve wrecking, and has relentless suspense. To be honest it's everything i love about old school horror, and I can't believe it's took till now for me to finally watch this movie. Also for a movie that's nearly 35 years old it's held up very well, and you can also tell that the special effects for that time would of been top notch. The location of the movie, the atmosphere, the soundtrack, and the whole paranoia element also add to the horror of this movie. To be honest i could sit and do nothing but praise the film.

Movie Trivia;
This movie has become part of the culture in Antarctica. It is a long standing tradition in all British Antarctic research stations to watch The Thing (1982) as part of their Midwinter feast and celebration held every June 21.

This film is considered a benchmark in the field of special make-up effects. These effects were created by Rob Bottin, who was only 22 when he started the project.

In the DVD commentary, John Carpenter said Wilford Brimley was the only cast member not initially grossed out by the autopsy scene where they used real animal organs. Brimley had been a real-life cowboy and hunter, so gutting animals and removing organs was a normal experience for him.

John Carpenter has stated that of all his films, this is his personal favorite.
The Cast
There is one stand out performance in this movie for me and it's Kurt Russel. He's cool as f***, and one of the many great reasons why i love this movie. The rest of the cast are okay too, which is actually rather refreshing considering most horror movies have atleast a couple of annoying characters.

Movie Highlight
My movie highlight is the whole paranoia element of the movie. Sure, the movie has a body snatching alien, but the real killer at their base is paranoia. You can see that it's wearing them all down and they have no knowhere to go, or no one they can even trust. They literally are in the middle of knowhere and the location makes everything a whole lot worse.

My Verdict
The Thing is a horror classic and a movie i wish i would of seen a long time ago. It's horror at it's very finest and doesn't need no cheap scares to satisfy it's audience. It's a movie that would fit right into my all time favourites and a movie i will be re-watching very very soon.