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Logan (2017)

I was excited by this film. Not because I particularly rate 'Marvel' films, I have always found them ok, but always felt that they were lacking somewhat. They have always seemed too 'childish'. I know that it is to appeal to the wider audience, and whereas I always thought that they weren't bad, I kind of filed them all alongside each other as 'watchable but nothing special'.
'Deadpool' and 'Civil war' were a step up in terms of quality, and then came 'Logan'.

Wolverine is one of those characters that most people like, as he pushes the boundaries and appeals to the inner rebel.
I have been largely disappointed with the Wolverine films previously. They weren't bad films, but there was always something that frustrated me about each one.
Then came the reviews for 'Logan'. It was received so well by critics and rated so highly that my interest was piqued and I was cautiously optimistic.
I also knew that it was 'R rated' in the states and probably a 15 certificate in the UK, (it is) so thought that would give more scope to how far they can push the boundaries in terms of violence and ultimately realism.

Jackman as 'Logan' with the trademark snarl

I was not disappointed in the film and my optimism needn't have been cautious.
This is in my opinion, the best 'Marvel' film ever.
I know that some people will argue that this is not a 'Marvel' film as Fox are the distribution company but he is a 'Marvel' character and they are listed as the production company.
Semantics aside, the film is raw, it is entertaining and it seemed more real. There was humour, there was emotion and there was some superb performances and in in many respects the film and the writing was very clever.

Some of my favourite things to mention would be spoilers and I don't want to do that, even with the spoiler tags. So let's discuss it when we have all watched it.

The film is set a few years in the future and starts with Logan struggling in so many areas of his life, and this gives us a glimpse into a different aspect of the character. A vulnerability which was unnerving and refreshing in equal measure.
It is refreshing from the point of view that its shows how the years have taken their toll and it's not just a one man slash fest. It is a bit unnerving as it is it's like watching someone you love grow old and you notice some frailties for the first time.

Dafne Keen (above as Laura) is superb in this film and she could have a big future in this business either exploring this character or simply in other films. For me she stole the show and was tremendous in all aspects of the film. Some of her best acting were down without words, and not simply the action scenes, but the facial expressions and body language. Really good casting.

The film is violent and bloody, but if mutants including people with 'adamantium' claws were going at it then there would be some blood shed. I think it also gives credibility to the film and to the genre. In other films you see Wolverine attack people without necessarily seeing the results of a wolverine attack unfold.

I have never read any of the comic books so am not sure whether the purists will like it, but as a film it was splendidly done, and has raised the bar for all other 'Marvel' no, all other super hero films. There is even some reference to this within the dialogue of the film.

I have been out of the cinema for less than an hour and I cannot wait to watch this film again.

With Jackman saying that this will be his last outing as Logan,It is a fitting end to the Wolverine series, but it is also sad that there won't be any others made to this standard.

I really rated this film and would love to know what you think.