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La La Land


Just when I thought I saw the best movie of 2016 already (Manchester by the Sea), this movie comes and absolutely blows me away. I'll just start off by saying this is by far and away the best musical I have ever seen, and for those who haven't seen it, yes it IS. The only knack I can actually think of is the opening scene only in the sense that it had me worried about whether I would actually like the movie or not. The song was catchy but it started off to be a fear of the unknown.

After that, I loved getting to know the two main characters. I loved the chemistry that Mia and Sebastian had together. In particular, I say give Emma Stone an Oscar now. Her performance as Mia was simply outstanding. She had a lot of range with her character, I enjoyed her songs, and she was a very interesting person. I really like Gosling as well. Seeing the two characters come together and find common interests was really entertaining for me.

The best thing about the film may be the look of it. So many skyline scenes with beautiful colors, and the backgrounds and settings used in the film were just simply stunning. I love the scenery when they are dancing in the planetarium and when they are looking for her car. I also like the setting of where Sebastian and Mia meet for the second time when he is playing piano. Just seems like it would be a really cool place to hang out. I also like the catchy theme that became their song. Almost reminds me of the song Sam plays in Casablanca, which it may have been aiming for. The film exudes other coolness, like for example, the poster of The Killers in their apartment . The musical numbers in general are something that will really stick with you. They were all pretty brilliant.

The movie makes relationships and bonds feel like they are the most important thing in life because they are. And the characters start to realize this even when caught up in their own ways.

How about that ending? That one really got me by surprise. I've heard people don't like that ending but I really think it was perfect. At first I thought it was her thinking about her potential future and thinking she may regret it, so it really got me when it wasn't that way.

In all, this is the first year I remember seeing two films I would consider absolute favorites in the same year. I assume this one would continue to grow on me as well. A top 10 potential movie for the future.