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Goodbye Lenin!

Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)
Director: Wolfgang Becker
Cast: Daniel Brühl, Katrin Saß, Chulpan Khamatova
Genre: History Drama Romance Light Comedy
Language: German

Communist East Germany in 1990, when a mother has an accident and ends up in a coma, the beloved communist nation she once knew, changes and becomes part of unified Germany. To keep his mom from founding out the truth, the son goes to great extremes to convice his mom, no out of a coma years latter, that she is still in a communist state.

"Dear Comrades, it is with extreme delight that I proclaim the virtues of der cinema Good Bye Lenin! The film exceeded all expectations for production quotas. Particularly note worthy is the quickened wit and charm of the leading players. I found the performers outstanding in their acting duties. Der transcript is a work of genius and equally espouses the virtues of family, progress and love of state... Respectfully, Comrade Citizen Rules."

Review: A very cool, unique, cleaver movie. I enjoyed watching it! I'm old enough that I remember the 'iron curtain' and when the Berlin Wall fell. I've always had an interest in the hidden, mysterious world of East Germany. I loved the style of film making and the way the voice over narrative was done with a nod to the past, (which inspired my 'intro letter')

I really liked the actors and that's important to a movie. I instantly liked the characters of the son and his cynical sister and their mom. Alex and his mom really felt like they were real family and cared for each other. I felt like I was part of the movie and was in the rooms and streets of the DDR East Germany along with them.

The movie felt so naturally and was paced just right, not to fast, not to slow. There were so many cool moments in the film that I would have to write a novel just to cover them all. So I'll tell you my favorite.

Alex's friend who wants to be a director, but ends up making spoofed communist news reports for the mom to see, was totally clever! Along with Alex's effort to make his mom's 'world' as it was during the DDR days.

The entire movie is clever in how it weaves the changes that swept East Germany that take place as the mom is in a coma and then wakes up believing she's still in the old DDR and nothing had changed.