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2. Inception

This is the movie that made me want to be a filmmaker. Inception had an impact on me that few films ever have in that respect. It's also an amazing film and Nolan's best film to date in my opinion. A heist film taking place in multilayered dreams, except instead of stealing something they're trying to put something in someone's mind, to achieve the ultimate challenge: Inception.

Leonardo Dicaprio is the lead in this mind-bending action film as the tortured Dom Cobb, a man who above all just wants the chance to see his kids again, unable to return home because of his crimes. He's provided a chance to return home by a businessman who is seeking to destroy his competition through the new CEO (son of the previous CEO), who he hopes to get to dissolve the company by implanting an idea in his mind.

The film also has one of my all time favorite lines in any film "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." The score is great and has been imitated (to varying degrees of success) many times since. The action is great as well, with one of the best action scenes of all time in the gravity changing hallway scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character (my favorite character in the film) Arthur.

Obviously the big question the film leaves at the end is, "Was it all real?". I think that misses the point though. I don't think it really matters whether or not Cobb is in a dream or not. I think what's important is that he believes the world he is in is real. His goal as a character is to see his children again, and ultimately he does, and he's accepted the reality he is in, whether or not that reality is actually real isn't as important (I mean our reality might not be real, but most accept it as such). I mean personally I think that it's all a dream for Cobb, a complex way for him to reconcile his grief about his wife and not seeing his kids, ultimately being able to feel in his heart admonished of guilt and moved on so he could finally see his children, but whether the story is real or fabricated makes no difference to the arc of the character.

Inception is a fantastic film and one that has had a huge impact on me and my life, and the best film from one of my all-time favorite filmmakers.