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Raiders of the Lost Ark

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones is one of my all time favorite movie characters of all time. I talked about it in my Last Crusade how I dressed up as him for Halloween, and it all started with this film, perhaps the most entertaining film Spielberg film ever (which says a lot). Narratively the film is great, incredibly well-paced and action packed while still compelling. Harrison Ford as Indy is great in the film, it's the part he was born to play (along with Han Solo) as the iconic whip cracking hero, and Marion is the best female counterpart of the series. Belloq is also a great antagonist.

The story follows Indiana Jones on his journey to find the Ark of the Covenant as he travels around the world searching for it. While searching he faces difficult obstacles as the Nazis are also after the Ark, hoping to use it for power to take over the world, putting even more pressure on Indy to make sure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

The score is among the most iconic and memorable in any film (I mean who doesn't recognize the theme song of this film?) and the effects are spectacular especially for their time (the film still doesn't feel dated to me). I mean I really don't know if there's much else to say about the film other than it's just fantastic on every level. Spielberg as at his best with his direction of the film, everything is well shot and well edited creating this absolutely masterful and enthralling adventure that sets the standard for the entire genre (no adventure film reaches the heights of Raiders, and I will be stunned if any film ever does).

There are very few films that I would call flawless, and this is one of them. It's a classic film and in my opinion Spielberg's best film, Raiders of the Lost Ark speaks for itself in how brilliant it is and I've loved it rewatch after rewatch since I was 8 years old.