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The Dark Knight

5. The Dark Knight

Another funny little movie story from my youth about this film: the Joker gave me nightmares when I was ten for a solid month to the point that for that time I had to go back to using a nightlight. And that was just from the trailer. When I was ten and I went to the movie theater to go see Iron Man I saw the trailer for the Dark Knight and it freaked me out so much I literally had to walk out of the theater and go see a different movie (I was 10, ignore how illogical that is). I ended up seeing Speed Racer (which, if this was a top 100 list, that film would be on it because I'm one of the only people who loves that movie) instead. The Joker in the trailer scared me so much when I was young.

Now, he's my second favorite movie villain ever. This film when I finally did watch it when I got a few years older and a few years less of a p*ssy, I got a rush of exhilaration watching this film. If Iron Man is the film that created the modern superhero film (and is responsible for so much of what came after it), then The Dark Knight became the perfect foil for the modern superhero film and it remains untouched as no film has gone for anything remotely similar in terms of a serious, grounded, respectful treatment of comic book source material. Where other films have gone mostly the route of spectacle, this film stays rooted in drama (not to say there isn't great action in this film, it's just less focused on action than other superhero films).

Heath Ledger's joker is one of the all time great performances and is deserving of the posthumous oscar it received, even more impressive when you consider that he is only in the film for 33 minutes of the film's 2 hour and 32 minute run time, but his presence is felt the entire time. Aaron Eckhart is fantastic as Harvey Dent (who I would say is probably the closest to the main character of the film, even more so than Bruce is). His fall (heheh puns) is as believable as it is tragic and it is extremely well done. The film is very well shot and the editing of the film is impeccable. The score is among my favorites of all time and one that I listen to very often.

Nolan really knocked it out of the park with one of the best films of the 2000s, and the best superhero films of all time.