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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
Superhero Action Drama / English / 2008

Reorganizing my Top Ten list. Reassessment time.

"This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object."

Dogs, Meat Slabs, Kissing, Marriage, talk about sequels with inferior sequels, here's a poser: How does Dark Knight stack up against Inception?

In my opinion, I'd say that the highs are higher, but the lows are lower.

Everything that's been said good about this movie is spot on, Heath Ledger as the Joker makes this movie, but unfortunately, if you take him out, what more are you left with?

Christian Bale isn't as appealingly idealic as in Batman Begins and he just comes across as silly much of the time, especially with the tryhard voice combined with a mask with brows just a little too furrowed, you know?

You got the likes of Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman backing you, but they're all very minor roles. Aaron Eckhart plays Harvey Dent and he does a fine job at it I think, but his figurative transformation into Two-Face isn't quite as compelling as his literal transformation.

The strongest thing going for the movie I THINK, other than Ledger of course, is simply the thematic duality. I kinda got a thing for that sorta stuff.

On one hand you have Bruce Wayne's alter ego, Batman, the Dark Knight, fighting crime above the law, but at the same time you have Two-Face's alter ego, Harvey Dent, the White Knight, fighting crime below the law. On top of that we see another parallel in Joker and Batman where joker represents chaos and anarchy while Batman represents order and justice.

It's neat stuff to think about and it all ends with Batman pinning Dent's crimes on himself because BATMAN CAN TAKE IT YO.

I'll be honest, this is THE MOVIE that actually opened me up to superhero stories. For the most part I have difficulty getting into the muscly-ripped cape-and-leotard sort of characters, you know? So it was refreshing to see something a little bit deeper and more compelling onscreen than Spider-man or Superman or... Hulk.

Since then I've seen Iron Man and The Avengers which I thought were pretty fun and I've yet to see Guardians of the Galaxy so there's hope there too.

Now though, I kinda feel like The Dark Knight is wearing on me. The Joker scenes are cool, but it's not all about him and everything else is kinda... eh... I dunno, hearing Dent talk about the court system or trying to force some sort of emotional turmoil onto Gordon all feels... either boring or forced.

On top of that there's this weird disconnect where the movie regularly ventures into horror mode with jumpscares and Psycho Strings, it gets a bit much.

Altogether it's a fine movie, no doubt, but I think the magic has worn off. Joker's cool, would watch his scenes any time, but the rest? Ehh... I could take it or leave it.

Final Verdict:
[Pretty Good]