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Terminator Genisys

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September 26th

—— 2015 ——

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"We're here to stop the end of the world"
"I can work with that"

The ‘Terminator’ franchise contains elements of time travel and therefore have the ability to enclose itself into an evil circle of never-ending cross-cutting storylines, which will spawn an endless amount of alternate universes and timeline-lunacy, whether you like it or not. ‘Terminator’ was pretty much terminated after the first film, not because it was bad, but because the story stood just fine on its own. That said, while the concept can be endlessly expanded, there is wrong and right ways to do so, and why mind if what is made is ultimately a masterpiece? With ‘T2: Judgment Day’, James Cameron followed the rules of what I personally call a perfect continuation, where he kept things familiar all the while expanding on the concept and elevating the stakes. Unfortunately, the franchise never quite found its footing after this, with the later films feeling far too mechanic and artificially assembled in style and story structure…

‘Terminator Genisys’ is the 5th round of robotic wrongdoings and works as both a remake, reboot and sequel to the original timeline and film. But the question is, whether the creators took their time to get a proper hold of the happenings or is this another curious cash grab that confuses more than it conquers? Well, at least Arnold is back again and he definitely doesn’t back out from saying that he’s back either… like he has been saying back-to-back for the past many decades. Nevertheless, it is a great joy to see him back at it, talking with a wooden mechanical accent and winging out one-liners… like he has also been doing for the past many decades. All jokes aside, I actually enjoy watching Arnold do what he does best, even though this fifth film in the franchise doesn’t do his character justice. As with the dinosaur-driven ‘Jurassic World’, this doomsday-driven machine movie breathes through a filter of heavy nostalgia, and unfortunately ‘Genisys’ does a lesser job at it than ‘Jurassic’.

The opening of the movie replicates the monotone monologue of mass destruction, which has graced the last few films as well, while continuing to show us glimpses of a dark future, which is also frighteningly familiar material. But to be honest, I didn’t hate these things and as it turns out I came to like these elements the most about this entry. Because, apart from the visually appealing action-heavy opening, the film feels grounded and gritty throughout, with every punch at the past feeling a little more fun than the other. Whether you like it or not, this is the freshest the franchise has been in a while, despite of how the time-tested tissue is beginning to feel worn out and the cross-cutting timelines is working way past its own deadline. ‘Genisys’ doesn’t quite succeed, but it honestly feels like it tries on a few occasions. The story is interesting but ultimately messy and the execution is grounded though ultimately blown out of proportions. I find basic enjoyment in almost everything up until the twist, which I don’t hate, but everything after that feels like every other bloated blockbuster out there and everything before is fun but never fearlessly intelligent or relevant like it once was.