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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

In order to start this review off proper, I want to admit something I wouldn't normally profess in public. And to that I say yes, I am a Zack Snyder apologists. I didn't enjoy Sucker Punch at all, and I never watched his animated film that involved owls? Regardless, Watchmen remains the slice of pop brilliance that it is, 300 remains an extremely bloody, macho affair. And his remake of Dawn Of The Dead is still one of my favorites in the zombie genre.

His skillful directing in each of these films show themselves sporadically throughout this film. Take the intro for instance, when Bruce's parents are murdered. I know people were thinking that they'd seen Bruce's parents get killed for the umpteenth time, but when Bruce's father puts his arm around Bruce and clenches his fist, making his leather glove tighten up, I knew this was gonna be a Snyder film. Then when the gun goes off in slow-mo and the bullet shell pops out with that noir-ish feel, I really knew. And I got excited.

But some moments (laughably) lack critical thinking among some of these characters. As I've mentioned in a prior post, the moment I knew this film was gonna have editing issues is when seeing Jack (Bruce's colleague in Wayne Tower) evacuating his floor after Bruce gives him the go-ahead? This makes no sense considering the destruction happening outside literally before his own eyes.

And to some this might make or break the film, but at the end of my day I know dressing up as a bat and running around a city is ultimately silly. So a few silly editing mistakes I looked past. This isn't to say I still have NO problems with it, cause I do. The big moment, the money shot, the words you uttered to your fellow box office worker, almost does not pay off. Batman beats Superman in a good (to great) fight but it lasts less than 10 minutes. And then a bigger threat comes in to play which honestly could've been handled much better.

Doomsday was very much shoe-horned into the film to show a greater climax involving not just Batman or Superman, but Wonder Woman as well who I thought could've had more screen time, but she was kick-a**. Eisenberg as Luthor (Lord, forgive me) was great. I really enjoyed his performance. If he gets a razzie nom, I'll never understand why. And Ben Affleck, most people agree, played an excellent Batman. His brooding stature and extreme method of crime fighting is wonderful to see come alive on screen.

All In All, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is better than what you've been reading, or maybe it isn't. It's all subjective. Mr. Snyder hits it out of the park again and I'm more excited about the DC universe than I've ever been. Sorry, haters!