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October 7th


Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock

I made the mistake of seeing the remake of this film first. I was young, stupid and thought the remake would be a bloodier adaptation of an old black and white film. Boy was I wrong. I hate the remake and when I found out that it was a shot for shot remake, it put me off the original for years.

Well, I finally decided to watch it, beginning to end and I loved it.

I'm not saying that Gus Van Sant is a bad director, I'm saying Hitchcock is a master craftsman. This film is working on so many levels that I'm ashamed I never sat down to watch it all the way through. A lot of it has to do with the casting. I like Vince Vaughn and he has just the right amount of weird to work, but I'll be damned if Anthony Perkins isn't magnificent in this flick. He has the perfect boy next door look to him. He plays it off perfectly and you sense something off behind his eyes.

The black and white photography is beautiful. Hitchcock can work a camera. I watched this film with my wife, she had no idea what the twist in the film would be and fell for it hook line and sinker.

I wouldn't hesitate to revisit this film again, catch up on all the years I've missed out on it. A true classic.

With that being said, it is indeed, not perfect. I still find the private investigator death to be comical and the expository dialogue explaining to the audience the split personality beats us over the head. I understand it was new back then, but it is hard to watch.