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The Arrival of Wang

The Arrival Of Wang [L'arrivo di Wang] (2011) - Antonio & Marco Manetto -

Low budget Italian sci-fi about a Chinese/Italian interpreter called at short notice to provide her translation services for a secret Government entity that is holding a certain Mr. Wang in custody.

The first third of the movie is really rather good as the audience is kept as much in the dark about proceedings as the interpreter - all we know is what she knows and just as she is curious as to the identity of this mysterious Mr. Wang so are we. Events becomes much more transparent after that point once the reveal is made and that's where I'll leave things regarding the storyline as whilst not everyone will react positively it is something that should be experienced with as little foreknowledge as possible.

This is not a fast paced affair, a lot of it taking place inside a single room, and much of the dialogue has to be repeated in both Chinese and Italian which some may find a little laborious though that wasn't particularly a problem for me. The film does utilise flashbacks in places and they didn't really work that well imo as they broke the atmosphere and in one particular case attempted to build a little tension which was rather pointless seeing as the reveal had already taken place. The script is a little patchy in places, events sometimes feel a little drawn out and the acting is variable though passable in the main but where the film really struggles is in the effects department, perhaps not unsurprising considering it's budget but still disappointing nonetheless.

An interesting little curio that certainly won't set the cinematic world alight but worth a watch if you like sci-fi and don't mind it not being action-packed.