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Lady and the Tramp

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June 6th



This is my first time watching this feature film
in the full aspect ratio of a wide 2.55:1 CinemaScope picture!

I certainly loved this film when I was a kid, and I remember the story really well even today, but it was almost like watching the story unfold for the first time all over again. Together with 全leeping Beauty, this is their only production ever made in that distinctive widescreen format, which is such a shame, because it works wonderfully and is absolute beautiful to look at. When it comes down to the actual story, there is not much to complain about either; it is a classic tale of social differences and how love conquers all, but obviously with that added essence of delightful Disney dreamscapes, which I love escaping into and watch the world of animation come to life

For every dog lover out there, this is a great tail of romance, spelling mistake intended, and a fun view into what happens when two worlds collide with each other. This social impact sets off an impressing and admirable adventure of two animals on a journey to new understandings. They have no idea how to behave in the world on the other side of the fences, whether that means spending time in fine gardens or with vicious wardens. 銑ady and the Tramp is a fun and insightful journey into the life of a dog, which is obviously told in a way that can be put into perspective, in several different ways. It also gives us the bare bones view into the miserable life of strait dogs, which is often a factor that is overlooked, especially if you live in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, like Lady.

With this wonderful film you don稚 have to bone up on your knowledge of dogs, social classes or anything of that matter The story is pure and simple, made with careful and creative hands, which helps make the stunning animation come to life. The animators and story supervisors have dug deep and all the way into the bone, to dig out the purest form of close-to-heart storytelling they could find. The film has a slow and yet playful tempo, which ends in a classic tear-jerking moment from Disney, followed by a sweet and heartfelt ending. The story isn稚 perfectly done all the way through, but there is enough great stuff to have the good and bad meet in the middle exactly like it is the case with a certain famous scene from this film In some way it is kind a bummer the story wasn稚 just a bit repetitive, so I could have talked about how the film was chasing its own tail Oh well, nevertheless, I will still end it on a playful note after all, because truly, this film痴 a treat!