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Rear Window


Before I watched Rear Window, I was incredible ashamed to say that I have only seen two Alfred Hitchcock films, now I have seen three. North by Northwest and Strangers on a Train are the other two films, and both of them were as incredible as this one. This film is one that you have to watch if you ever want to understand the master of suspense himself, for this is one of his best works (of the three that I have seen).

The film is about a recently wounded photographer played by James Stewart. He has broken his leg, and is stuck in home with only his girlfriend and nurse to keep him company. While in his wheelchair, he uses his camera to spy on his neighbors, and he spots what he believes to be a murder right across the street. The entirety of the film takes place in one room, so all of the camera views are from that room, even when you are looking into somebody else's home. This creates a large amount of suspense because the audience can do nothing while the action occurs in another building, and Alfred Hitchcock makes the viewer feel as if he is trapped in this room along with the photographer. This film would be fantastic on this setup alone, but the movie has an intriguing story, great characters, and brilliant writing. All of the buildup that occurs during the movie turns into an explosive climax.

The characters were very well done thanks to great performances. This was the first time in a movie that a spoiled female movie character was actually likable instead of annoying. I especially enjoyed Raymond Burr as Mr. Thorwald, who managed to be incredibly menacing and intimidating without even speaking on screen.

My Alfred Hitchcock marathon will continue, and hopefully I will like all of his films as much as this one. The talent and effort that goes into every single shot of this masterpiece is shown. I love movies with great endings, and this certainly has a great one that will stick in your mind far after the film is over. Alfred Hitchcock has already proven his genius to me, and I can't wait to watch more.