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Alien was my #1. Itís my favorite film of all-time. Iíve been passionate about it much of my life Ė Iím not sure when I first saw it, was either a kid or a teenager. But itís been around me all my life, as my dad and sister are both fans as well. Find me when I was 17 and youíd usually catch me in my old Alien shirt, with the classic poster on it featuring the brilliant tagline -

In space, no one can hear you scream.

Itís simply the best film Iíve ever seen. Such a masterful use of suspense and build-up, great characters, terrific Sigourney Weaver, and easily the greatest creature design in history Ė xenomorphs rank high on my list of favorite things, period. I also love the mystery of the creature. They donít explain what it is exactly, or where it came from, and I think thatís a stroke of genius.

The reproductive system of the creature adds to its complexity, and the film also deals symbolically with our own reproductive system Ė I love catching these little metaphors in the film (the obvious phallic design of the creature, ďumbilicus clearĒ, when they are looking at the tracking device to follow Dallas as he searches for the creature and it looks similar to a sperm going to an egg, to name a few). I find more with every viewing. I feel like this subliminally makes the creature more threatening to the viewer, somehow - as though it wants to violate our entire being rather than simply kill us.

And talk about a climax. Ridley Scott is known for his visuals, but I also think heís great at making really intense films. Blade Runner, Gladiator, and Prometheus, to name a few, are full of edge-of-your-seat moments. Even Black Hawk Down, which I didnít care for in general, is still pretty gripping. But in my opinion, Alien is his most intense. It just doesnít let up.

Overall, itís a fantastic take on the classic monster movie, takes that format and runs with it, masters it, excels with it, and ultimately, makes the best movie of all-time with it.