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Black Sabbath

"A story that goes beyond the boundaries of the Supernatural to the half-world of the living dead... Where a woman's soul inhabits a fly's body... where vampires suck only the blood of those they love dearest."

Black Sabbath is a classic horror film by the incomparable Mario Bava. The film is comprised of three vignettes which I find to be completely unsettling. I won't bother with plot details as it's best to be surprised by them. This film is illustrative of Bava's multitude of talents, both in storytelling and in cinematography.

Something that especially stands out in Bava's work is his use of lighting. If you watch this one, look for his use of complimentary colors (red & green being the most prominent in this film) in the lighting of his sets. To me, it almost works as an additional character in the film as it completes the mood/atmosphere. Check it out, you'll like it!

The Trailer:

A little trivia: Black Sabbath (the band) liked the title of this film and used it for their band name. Rob Zombie (a Black Sabbath fan) followed suit and used another classic horror film name (White Zombie) for his band name.