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Blade Runner

65. Blade Runner (1982)

The reason why this famous cult film is one of my favorite movies of all time is mainly because it portrays one of the most imaginative and amazingly executed Sci-Fi worlds in cinema history. It looks absolutely STUNNING!
Most of you already know that I'm a big fan of film noir and that's also a reason why I love this film so much. This is probably the only Sci-Fi film that truly captivates the essence of the noir genre (or at least for me) and is also able to satisfy on a science fiction level.

Apart from all the brilliant visual stuff, this film also has a very philosophical, existential and piercing plot. I have to admit, though, that after my first viewing of this film, I did not really know what to make of it all. I was about 16 and my father showed it to me because it's one of his favorite films of all time, but while I appreciated the beauty of the film, the story kind of left me in the dark. It was only after a second and a third viewing that I truly started to love this film. Blade Runner is one of those very rewatchable cinematic art pieces that always makes you discover new details and layers with each new viewing.

Blade Runner is one of those films that makes it so easy for me to love cinema. I watch many new movies at this point of my life, as I'm still very much in the 'exploring phase' of my development as a true cinephile and I do it all to discover films like this, films that I can revisit again and again and that keep me smiling and thinking for weeks after I've seen it. I wouldn't be surprised if Blade Runner is one of those films that will climb on my list as time goes on, rather than fall. With every single new viewing, I love and admire it a little bit more...

P.S. I'm used to the director's cut, as that is the DVD version I own.