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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Bad Grandpa
Directed By: Jeff Tremaine

As a fan of Jackass, it's always good to see there stunts, and jokes hit the big screen. The tv series, and movies have all been a big hit with the audience (Johnny Knoxville has certainly gotten a career out of) and it's popularity is certainly still there. There next project Bad Grandpa has it's moments, but it's not up there with there other work, It's not as good as the other Jackass movies, and the other cast members are certainly missed. As much as I love to see Johnny Knoxville pranking people, and doing things that normal people don't do, there was something missing!. The other Jackass movies have variety, there are different stunts ranging from pranks, to stupidity, and seeing Knoxville and the rest of the bunch getting hurt has always been entertaining.


Johnny Knoxville has stated that his Irving Zisman character is a combination of his own father and a more perverted version of himself.

Although credited, Spike Jonze (Gloria) was not in the final cut but can be seen during the end credits and the deleted scenes on DVD/Blu-Ray.
Bad Grandpa does have it's funny moments, but it's dragged out way to long. They could of just took the best bits of the movie and put them into another Jackass movie. Ime not saying Bad Grandpa is a bad movie, some pranks are genius, and some had me chuckling writing this review. The problem is some of the pranks are weak, there was times I was getting a little bored with the silly story, that feels thrown in to fill the gaps.

Overall not a bad movie, it still has some great Knoxville moments, and some funny moments. The rest of the the Jackass crew are certainly missed, and the movie does become a bit stale. But it's worth a watch.