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Vertigo: 1958 (PG) -19
USA / Paramount (original) now Universal
98% (CF)

It’s kind of hard to proclaim yourself to be a true cinephile and not have seen at least one of Hitchcock’s movies. If Hitchcock is not your thing, we can agree on differences, but you have to at least give the man a try. And my personal favorite film from Hitchcock is Vertigo.

A while back before I joined this fine website, I resolved to watch every movie that is on the current AFI Top 100 Movies list. I had seen about half of the films when I started this quest, and after I was done quite a few of these movies wound up becoming some of my all time favorite films. Vertigo was one of them. I first saw this movie during a month long detail, where I worked 12 hours on, and had 12 hours off with only one day off during the week. Needless to say, the detail stunk. On one day off I decided to watch this movie I had rented via iTunes on my computer. By the end of the film my eyes were glued to the screen and my jaw was on the floor. Excellent cinematography, fantastic twists, and the film oozed fear and suspense. In my opinion it is the perfect psychological thriller. Very glad I saw it.