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Fight Club

80. Fight Club (1999)

It's not original anymore to like this film and cinephiles often roll their eyes when they hear this film mentioned for the millionth time, but I still think Fight Club is 100% pure awesomeness! It's easy to see why this became such a cult favorite after its initial failure at the box office. It's just a very good and completely crazy film experience!

Fincher directed this film with a lot of confidence and wasn't afraid to do some very strange stuff. The result is a weird, but oddly satisfying film with a lot of violence, a rebellious philosophy, three great leading performances, a plot full of odd twists, a whole bunch of memorable scenes and an occasional male genital that suddenly appears in the corner of the screen for a very quick moment.

The first rule of Fight Club is to not take it too seriously, though. It may sometimes be tempting to relate to the main character's apathy and disconnection from the world and be convinced by Tyler Durden's appealing speeches against our contemporary society (especially because they contain certain inevitable truths), but at the end the film actually criticizes every single idea it has promoted during its course.
Fight Club works best as a very well made satirical dark comedy. I mean, the third act must be one of the silliest things I've ever seen on a screen, but it's so well made and so hugely entertaining and freaking hilarious, that I can't help but be engaged every time I see it. It has become known as one of the greatest and most notorious endings of all time, and rightly so. It's fresh, it's cool, it's wild and it's funny as hell.
This is also my favorite Fincher movie. He surely didn't leave his balls at home when he made this magnum opus.

I am not ashamed to say it out loud: I LOVE FIGHT CLUB! It's one of the most spectacular filmmaking achievements of recent years and the fact that it has now become part of our mainstream pop culture doesn't change that for me.