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Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck View All


Michael Bay (Director), Robert Roy Pool (Screenplay), Jonathan Hensleigh (Screenplay), Shane Salerno (Screenplay) View All

Release: Jul. 1st, 1998
Runtime: 2 hours, 31 minutes
When an asteroid threatens to collide with Earth, NASA honcho Dan Truman determines the only way to stop it is to drill into its surface and detonate a nuclear bomb. This leads him to renowned driller Harry Stamper, who agrees to helm the dangerous space mission provided he can bring along his own hotshot crew. Among them is the cocksure A.J. who Harry thinks isn't good enough for his daughter, until the mission proves otherwise.
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I know that people will joke about how this managed to be released as part of the Criterion Collection, but in a way it makes perfect sense given its dedication to preserving important films - if ever you needed a stellar example of a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster that sacrifices just about every....
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