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Dawn of the Dead


Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, Mekhi Phifer View All


Zack Snyder (Director), James Gunn (Screenplay), George A. Romero (Screenplay) View All

Released: Mar. 10th, 2004
Runtime: 1 hour, 41 minutes
A group of surviving people take refuge in a shopping center after the world has been over taken over by aggressive, flesh-eating zombies. A remake of the 1978 zombie film of the same name.
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A film should be graded on it's own merits, not how similar it is to another movie. I think this movie stands on it;s own merits just fine.
No disrespect to Romero and the original zombie films, but I cannot see the dangers of slow moving zombies.
The problems I had with it were too many extraneous characters, which watered down some of the character development, and their interactions.
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