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Waking Life


Trevor Jack Brooks, Lorelei Linklater, Wiley Wiggins, Glover Gill View All


Richard Linklater (Screenplay), Richard Linklater (Director) View All

Release: Jan. 23rd, 2001
Runtime: 1 hour, 39 minutes
Waking Life is about a young man in a persistent lucid dream-like state. The film follows its protagonist as he initially observes and later participates in philosophical discussions that weave together issues like reality, free will, our relationships with others, and the meaning of life.
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Daniel M
I remember last year when I was in my university accommodation I had this really long lucid dream, it was more like a nightmare, I kept peeling back the layers and trying to get out but I couldn't, and as I kept trying I had to keep reminding myself I was in a dream as you would fall back and forget....
The pace was terrible. The voices were ho hum. The animation took away from the information, which itself was boring and dated..
Never before have I been so interested in an animated film the way I was with [i]Waking Life[/i]..
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