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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World


Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, James D'Arcy, Edward Woodall View All


Peter Weir (Screenplay), Peter Weir (Director), John Collee (Screenplay) View All

Release: Nov. 14th, 2003
Runtime: 2 hours, 18 minutes
After an abrupt and violent encounter with a French warship inflicts severe damage upon his ship, a captain of the British Royal Navy begins a chase over two oceans to capture or destroy the enemy, though he must weigh his commitment to duty and ferocious pursuit of glory against the safety of his devoted crew, including the ship's thoughtful surgeon, his best friend.
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Citizen Rules
Looking at the poster with the ship, raging sea and Russell Crowe one might not guess that this is a film about comradely, friendship and duty...all set aboard a British sailing ship the H.M.S.
Aside from the occasional classical music used in the couple scenes where Jack and his doctor friend play instruments together (Russell Crowe actually learned violin for this movie which is fantastic), the music really takes a backseat for most of the movie.
I think that there was a (failed) attempt to transfer what was happening on the screen to affect the viewer. The storm was a good example of this, instead of feeling cold and “weathered”, I felt annoyed....